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Finding an Internship in Hangzhou

The following local IT companies are guaranteed to provide internships to our international exchange students.  It is recommended that one should take a minimum of 6 months to experience the internship although the duration is negotiable.
Zhejiang Insigma Group Co., Ltd. ) 
Insigma HengTian Softwar LTD )
State Street Technology(Zhejiang) Co.,Ltd
( )
Other positions that are available:  
We also have close relationships with other IT companies, such as Microsoft, IBM, Motorola( Hangzhou), Nokia(Hangzhou R&D Centre), Alibaba, Cisco-Webex etc. We can help our exchange students from partner universties to find connections to those global companies.

Gaining Research Experience

Senior exchange students are normally supervised by professors from our college to conduct research in specific subjects. The program is generally for 3 months.  However, upon request the student may be considered for an extension. The following is a list of research groups available to the international students:

Professor Field of Research
BAO, Hujun Geometry and Graphics Computing, Computer Vision, and Virtual Reality
CHEN, Tianzhou Computer Architecture, Embeded System, Hardware and Software Co-design
CHEN, Yue Medical Image Processing, Semantic Web, and Mesh Deformation
FENG, Jieqing Refer to
GAO, Shuming Computer-Aided Design,Virtual Prototyping, Collaborative Design,
Engineering Informatics, and PLM
GENG, Weidong Computer-Aided Design, Computer Animation and Digital Entertainment,
and Artificial Intelligence / Cognitive Science
HE, Xiaofei Machine learning, Information Retrieval, and Computer Vision
JIN, Xiaogang Refer to
LI, Shanping Core Technologies for Super-scaled Information System Development: 
 > Caching for huge amount of distributed data, 
 > High performance of task processing,
 > Real time processing and analysis of large-scaled data,
 > Highly reliable and concurrent information system architecture,
 > Business process modeling for large-scaled complex system,
 > Trust modeling and evaluation for large-scaled information system,
 > Super-scaled information system project management and implementation
LIU, Yusheng Model-based Systems Engineering, CAD/CAM, Content-based 3D Model Retrieval, 
and Virtual Prototyping
QIAN, Yuntao Maching Learning, Signal Processing, and Remote Sensing Information Processing
SUN, Jianling Distributed Computing, Database, and Financial Information System
TONG, Ruofeng Computer Graphics, Video Processing and Analysis, and Computer Animation
WEI, Baogang Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Multimedia, and Digital Library
WU, Chunming Network Virtualization, Next generation network architecture, 
Internet QoS and resource management, Construction and evaluation of virtual network
YAO, Min Refer to
YIN, Jianwei Distributed Computing, Web Service and Software Architecture, 
Information Integration and Security
ZHANG, Guochuan Refer to
ZHANG, Zhihua Numerical Algebra, Optimization, Probabilistic and Statistical Inference, Machine Learning, and Pattern Recognition
ZHOU, Kun Computer Graphics, and Many-core Parallel Computing
ZHUANG, Yueting Multimedia Technology, Intelligent Animation, and Digital Library

The students from our partner universities may contact us through email: