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Signals and Systems
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Course Name:
Signals and Systems
Open Quaters:
Fall and Winter for juniors
Simple Description:
This course provides a basic introduction to signals and systems. We begin with the introduction of the fundamentals signals (unit impulse signals and complex exponential signals), and the fundamental mathematical representation of signals and systems. We will introduce the basic analysis techniques of signals, and the mathematical models of linear time-invariant systems (systems described by differential and difference equations, block-diagram representation), with the primary focus on the important concepts of signals and systems analysis, and the applications of signals and systems, such as modulation, sampling and filtering. Specific topics covered by this course include signals and transformation of the independent variable, systems and properties of systems, linear time-invariant systems, Fourier analysis for continuous- time signals and systems, Fourier analysis for discrete-time signals and systems, the Laplace Transform and the Z Transform.