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Digital Image Processing
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Digital Image Processing
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Fall for seniors
Simple Description:
Digital image processing is an area characterized by the need for extensive experimental work to establish the viability of proposed solutions to a given problem, and has a wide range of applications in the real world, such as aeronautics, medical engineering, and communication systems, cultural/art, and so on. The main objective of this course is to provide a basic introduction to both theoretical principles and software implementation of digital image processing concepts. To achieve this objective, we begin the course with the introduction of fundamental signal processing techniques and explain what digital image processing is. We will introduce the basic linear transform of image processing (KL Transform, 2D-DFT, Walsh-Hadamard Transform), general image compression techniques, image enhancement techniques, and image restoration techniques. Later we will introduce some basic concepts of color space, transform between different color spaces, and some fundamental processing techniques of color images, such as color quantization and color error diffusion.