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Date:2012-04-26 18:21


Wang Qiang (or Qiang Wang)


Mailing Address:
College of Computer Science, Zhejiang University ,
Hangzhou 310027, P. R. China

Email: wangqiang@cad.zju.edu.cn



Zhejiang Univer s ity

02/98 – 02/02

Ph.D. in Computer Graphics, Computer Science Department.

09/90 – 03/93

M.S. in Operation Research and Control Theory.




Zhejiang University

09/86 – 02/90

B.S. in Applied Mathematics



Previous appointment / Work experience


Iwate University , Japan

07/04 – 03/05

NICT Invited Research Fellow

(NICT: National Institute of Infomation and Communication Technology, Japan)




Zhejiang University

03/02 – 07/04

Lecturer – Courses: “digital image processing”, “principle of compiler”.




Zhejiang Univ. Industrial Automation, Inc.

12/95 – 12/98

Designed and Implemented “High-level Language for Industrial Control System”.




Zhejiang Univ. SCI. & Tech. Development Corporation

03/93 – 12/95

Implemented “Medical Video & Image Processing System”.



Main Research Activities


Zhejiang University

02/98 – now

Performed research mainly on surface reconstruction, surface interpolation, image processing.

•  Pattern Codification for Stereo Vision : Research on finding a method to generate unique patterns for stereo vision. This is part of a research project funded by OMRON Corporation.

•  Surface Reconstruction : designed and implemented algorithms to reconstruct surface from medical images. Three types of algorithms have been studied: polygonal meshes from contour dataset, surface reconstruction from distance field and implicit surface reconstruction from points. Studied speeding technique of extract iso-surface form medical images. Participated in projects “Visualization in Medical Data”, “NURBS Scanning Object Based on Moving Frames and Hierarchy Representation” funded by NSF of China.

•  Polygonizing implicit surface : designed a fast algorithm to polygonize implicit surface.

•  Surface blending : investigated the problem of surface blending using blending basis.

•  Cubic Triangular Surface Reconstruction : Construct a G 1 surface cubic triangular Bernstein-Bezier surface over arbitrary triangulation.

•  Image Preprocessing for OCR : Participated in a project named “Image Processing System for Financial Bills” supported by 863 Hi-Tech R&D Program of China .

•  Halftone reproduction : Working on project “Software R&D for Digital Print on Textile” , a joint project of Hangzhou government and Zhejiang University .