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Date:2012-04-26 18:20


Weng Kai
College of Computer Science,
Zhejiang University

Contact Information:
Email: wengkai@cs.zju.edu.cn
Phone: +86-571-8795-3172, +86-138-0571-1803
MSN: bd5hag@hellocq.net

Research Interests:
Wireless sensors network: focus on route and energy algorithm for ad hoc wireless networks, as well as the application of WSN.
Java: We are designing an embedded operating system that runs Java byte code directly; focus on optimized algorithm for translating byte code into ARM code.
Embedded systems: including designing hardware, porting Linux and designing device drivers on ARM.




PhD. candidate, Zhejiang University , since 2004
M. Sc. , Zhejiang University, 2003
B.Sc., Zhejiang University , 1995




Lecturer in the College of Computer Science, Zhejiang University , since 1995
Teaching courses
Developing commercial software

2000-2003: VoIP system using H.323 protocols
1998-2000: GIS/GPS systems for police
Coach of ACM/ICPC ZU teams: We attended 2003 final in Hollywood , 2004 final in Prague and 2005 final in Shanghai .
Research Assistant in the Department of Management Science, City University , Hong Kong, 1996-1997
MRPII simulation



Java Language: as second OOP language
Java and Internet: B/S architecture, HTML, Java Script, Java Servlet, and the Java language
Advanced Java: new features in JDK1.5, design patterns in Java, inside JVM
Object Oriented Programming: using C++, including fundamental MFC programming
Advanced MFC Programming Lab: MS training course 1015A
Advanced C Programming Lab: projects in C
Software Documentation: the formats and the skills


Current Projects

A wireless water-meter data collecting system: using WSN technology to collect water-meter data without reaching the meter directly in apartments. We design and test the hardware, firmware, and as well as the algorithm.

A wireless body guard system for kids in kindergarten and prisoners in prison: using WSN technology to locate moving objects in a restricted area, mainly in door. We design and test the hardware, firmware and the data analysis program.

A Java machine on ARM without any operating system: acts like an object based embedded operating system running Java byte code.

Amateur Messaging Service: a project by my students to establish message service via Amateur Radio and the Internet. It acts like APRS, but uses the Internet as the back-bone for the message routing through wide areas.


Recent Publications

Zhang Huangzhu and Weng Kai, High performance HTTP Proxy based on Linux Kernel 2.4, Journal of Southern Yangtze University (Natural Science Edition), to appear

Weng Kai and Wang Shenkang, Embedded Linux for VoIP Terminal, ICYCS' 2001, Hangzhou