Course Structure
Course Discreption
Degree Programs

Major Areas of Graduates

The College has Doctorate Program and Post-Doctorate Program of Computer Science and Technology. Besides, there are doctorate and master's degree programs for Computer Application Technology, Computer Software Engineering and Computer System Architecture, as well as a doctorate degree for Digital Design and Art, and a master degree program for Design Art. The cultivation program includes Master Research Student System, Doctorate Research Student System, Master-Doctorate Research Student System, Master of Engineering Credit System and Master Courses Training Studies. There are currently 337 doctor candidates , 712 master candidates  and 98 master candidates in software engineering.

Computer Application Technology Discipline
Main Research Goals:
Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science and Simulation of Visualized Thinking, Computer Graphics and Computer Aided Design, Computer Integrated Manufacture System, Intelligent CAD, Information Intelligence and Decision Support System, Computer Vision and Intelligent Robots, Intelligent Multimedia Technology, Engineering Database, Intelligent Control, Computer Networks and Information Communication System, Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Information Security, etc.

Computer Software and Theory Discipline
Main Research Goals:
Computer Vision and Image Processing, Operating System, Compiling Techniques, Database System, Software Engineering, Multimedia Software Technology, Computer Networks and Information System, Object Oriented Technology and Software Automation, Software Intelligence.

Computer System Architecture Principle
Main Research Goals:
High-performance Computer Architecture, Grid Computing and DistributedProcessing, Embedded System, New-generation Web Structure, Network Storage, Network Protocol Engineering and Network Security.

Design Art Discipline
Main Research Goals:
Design Theory and Design Methods, Design History, Product Creative Design, Digital Media Design, Computer Aided Industrial Design, Human-Computer Engineering, Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design.