Course Structure
Course Discreption
Degree Programs

Major Areas of Undergraduate

College of Computer Science consists of four departments, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, the Department of Software Engineering, the Department of Digital Media and Network Technology, the Department of Industrial Design. The College now has more than 2000 full-time undergraduate students majoring in Computer Science & Engineering and Industrial Design. The College keeps conducting educational reformation, inviting high-level instructors, and encouraging exploring in teaching methods.? More than 60% of the major courses are lectured in both English and Chinese languages with the best textbooks written in English, in order to enhance the ability of students for internatioThe nal competition. During over two decades of education, the College has successfully nurtured groups of talents with high quality who seek the truth with innovative minds. They are serving as key experts in Computer Science and Technology in national economic development, educational and research. Among them, two have been awarded Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Major of Computer Science & Technology
Main Research Goals:
To cultivate the advanced computer science and technical personnel who have solid background, widely scoped knowledge, independent creativity and are suitable for 21st century computer science and technical development.There are 2 main research areas: Computer Science and Engineering, and Digital Media and Network.

Major of Software Engineering
Main Research Goals:
To cultivate the advanced software personnel and experts who have solid background, systematic knowledge and skills about software engineering, covering from  software requirements, development, maintainance, to the whole project management. The program puts great emphasis on the practical knowledge and skills as well as sysematic theory.

Major of Industrial Design
Main Research Goals:
To cultivate inter-disciplinary talents with solid foundation and widerange of knowledge, who will be able to conduct creative work that meets the need of the 21st century, such as new product design and development, shape design of products, visual communication design, environment design.

Major of Digital Multimedia
Main Research Goals:
To cultivate the digital multimedia processing, game designing technical experts who have solid multimedia signal processing, game engineering, human interface design knowledge, which are suitalble for rapid developing multimedia entertain market and future research trends.

Double Degree Program Between Simon Fraser (Canada) and Zhejiang University (China)
Main Research Goals:
There will be a severe selection procedure to choose the best undergraduate students both from  Simon Fraser and ZJU to have a wide opportunities to study in China and Canada, that means two years in China and two years in Canada. After four years studying, these students will obtain two Bachelor degrees from  Simon Fraser and ZJU.