Discipline Construction
Institutes & Labs Projects
Research Areas

Artificial Intelligence:
Research Direction: perception and statistical intelligence, intelligent analysis of large scale cross-media, digital media and intelligent interaction, knowledge engineering and service science, next generation Internet and Internet of things

Computer Software and Theory:
Research Direction: discrete optimization and algorithms, embedded software and system, database and large volume data management, software infrastructure supporting very large scale information systems

Computer System Structures:
Research Direction: novel computer architecture,high performance embedded computing and real-time system, distributed computing and grid service platform, pervasive computing and man-machine system, new architecture and application technology of Internet.

Industry Design:
Research Direction: applied ergonomics and design, information product design, culture innovation engineering and design, design service technology.

Computer aided Design and Computer Graphics:
Research Direction : real-time graphics, virtual reality, industrial geometry computing and simulation, visual analysis, super parallel computing and its fundamental software.