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At the third “China Collegiate Computing Contest – Group Programming Ladder Tou... [2018-04-19]
Let an AI tell you, who is the conversation terminator? These are the 5 "high ris... [2018-04-08]
AAA Team of Our School Wins Runner-up in ‘Qiang Wang Cup (Cyber Enhancement Cup)... [2018-03-30]
Prof. Luo Shijian of Zhejiang University Publishes on Applied Ergonomics [2018-01-18]
ZJU Students Receive 10 Gold Medals in ACM Asia Competition [2017-12-25]
Welcome to VINCI'12 [2013-06-07]
Prof. Xiaofei He won the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars [2012-01-17]
Pictures of New Teachers and Students Having a Get-together for Bidding Farewell ... [2012-01-14]
State Key Laboratory of CAD&CG successfully passed site assessment [2012-02-27]
Dr. Guofeng Zhang Won the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award in 2011 [2012-01-18]
Changjiang Scholar Professor Zhou Kun was elected the rank of National Distinguis... [2012-01-18]
Dr. Shi Xiaohan was awarded Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award of China Comput... [2012-01-17]
"Chinese Bridge" Winter Camp Starts at Zhejiang University [2010-10-21]
"Chinese Bridge" Winter Camp Starts at Zhejiang University [2010-10-21]
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