News and Events
The 4th ZJU International Graduate Summer School on Visual Analytics was Successf... [2018-09-25]
Tonight, a Alumni of CS College Will Ring the Bell at NASDAQ [2018-09-25]
Turing laureate Appointment Ceremony and Academic Seminar [2018-09-25]
Weng Kai Wins the Zhejiang University Yongping Outstanding Teaching Contribution ... [2018-09-19]
2+2>4 High-level Computer Science Program “DDP” Awaits You at Zhejiang University [2018-09-16]
He Zhijun Academic Forum Series: the Second "Intelligence Power" Seminar [2018-09-16]
ZJU’s Software Engineering Team Wins ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award [2018-09-14]
Zhejiang University Team Designer Wins First Prize in the 2018 Xunlei Blockchain ... [2018-07-12]
Technology Empowering Design: ZJU holds "Information Product Design" Product Rele... [2018-07-06]
Media Coverage on Artificial Intelligence + Design in Zhejiang University [2018-06-28]
Wu Zhaohui: Thoughts on Innovation and Application of Artificial Intelligence [2018-06-27]
NUS Professor Roger Zimmermann Speaks on Latest Technology in Video Streaming [2018-06-26]
Powerful Booster for Finite Element Calculations—From Scalar Shape Functions to ... [2018-06-12]
Makerere University from the “One Belt One Road” Member State Uganda Visits the... [2018-06-12]
The Third SFU-ZJU Joint Symposium Comes to a Successful Conclusion [2018-06-04]
The 2018 Technology Week of Zhejiang University's CAD&CG State Key Laboratory Dra... [2018-06-04]
Design Intelligence Award | Did This Girl Recreate the Chocolate Factory? [2018-05-28]
Alibaba Joins Zhejiang University in Establishing Cyberspace Security Laboratory [2018-05-28]
ABET Accreditation Expert Prof. John Impagliazzo and Prof. Alison Clear Visit Col... [2018-05-24]
Zhejiang University’s CAD&CG State Key Laboratory Technology Open Week [2018-05-21]
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