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THE DUAL DEGREE PROGRAM (DDP) - by Sterling Hoeree
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The Dual Degree Program (DDP) is for students who wish to study computing science, and who also wish to enrich their university experience with a unique and exciting opportunity. Students from British Columbia, Canada’s Simon Fraser University (SFU) will have the privilege to study at the prestigious Zhejiang University (ZJU) in Zhejiang, Hangzhou, China, while students from China will have the exciting opportunity to exchange to SFU to further their academic studies and learn more about the world we live in. Students who complete DDP also receive a degree from both SFU and from China, giving them an impressive undergraduate record as well as an invaluable international experience. Canadian students also have the opportunity to learn one of the most dominant languages of the world today – Mandarin Chinese – and Chinese students have the opportunity to improve their English in an excellent learning environment.

 How is life abroad as an international student? For one thing, DDP students receive more than just an excellent education – they also gain an understanding of the world, of their own and others’ cultural identities, and can become friends with people from all around the world. Both SFU and ZJU are highly international schools, and the people one meets are invaluable in helping students better understand and find wonder in the global community. Specific for the China-Canada experience, Canadian and Chinese students can enjoy a lifestyle that is centered on taking responsibility and fulfilling duties, of pushing oneself to the next level, and to grow as an individual.

 Regarding studies, DDP students will study topics ranging from mathematics to philosophy, and will have new opportunities for pursuing personal interests at every turn. DDP students study calculus, discrete mathematics, philosophy of knowledge or morality, computer programming (in many languages), computer architecture, software engineering, and more, and Canadian students will also study Mandarin Chinese and take courses in Chinese history, philosophy and more. From both the academic and interpersonal sides, the DDP experience is truly a rich one which will leave even the most knowledge-hungry student satisfied.

For me, DDP has been a very satisfying experience. Beyond furthering my academic studies, I have met friends and people from both China and other countries that I will remember with fondness when I look back on my university years. As my DDP classmate says, the time spent in DDP will be one of the best times of my life. The teachers and advisory staff in the DDP program are helpful and friendly, and classmates and friends are both hardworking and easygoing, good for studying with or for having fun with after all those exams have finished. My time spent in China has not been without difficulty and hard work, but it has also been plentiful in its good memories and unforgettable experiences. Where else can you climb a mountain with friends from Sweden, Japan and Spain, while conversing in Chinese? Where else can you find Chinese friends who will toil tirelessly with you while you finish your software engineering reports, and can have a break by playing Chinese card games and eating barbecued chicken (at 3 in the morning)? Only in China!

All in all, DDP is a unique and rewarding international experience, as well as an impressive addition to one’s academic career. How many people can go through school saying that they have studied in another country? Have learned a new language? Have made friends with people from all over the world, in addition to your classmates? In addition to its academic achievements, enrollment in DDP brings personal growth, wisdom and experience that is richer and more fulfilling than simply leading the average academic life. And in the end, you will be left with the best of memories to mark an impressive duo of degrees from two of the world’s finest universities.