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My Story
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My Story

I am one member of the first DDP group. At the beginning, I was always asking myself a simply question: is this program worth the time and money we will be spending on? Now, as I graduated from both side, I can give the answer without any doubt: it gives me more than I ever expected.

I join this group at the second year of my ZU life. After 2 and half year’s studying in Hangzhou, we moved to Vancouver, one of the most suitable cities for human all around the world. Here, with one third of the population coming from China, you won’t feel alone. We have a student advisor especially for us. So whenever we have any difficult, in either study or ordinary life, she will be there for us. I still remember on the first day, she picked us up at the airport after 2 hours’ waiting, took us to the campus and told us where we could get Chinese food.

At the second semester, I got a once in life opportunity: an offer for the internship in Microsoft. It came from the amazing program in SFU, called COOP. This program opens a bridge between the university students and large companies who are seeking genius. Students get the opportunity to work for large organizations and in return, companies can train their employees before they leave school. To get the offer, you still have to go through resume, interviews and several stages, which is good since you will need this experience afterwards.

I went to Microsoft last summer and work as a SDET (software development engineer in test) for Windows Live team. I got to know how to do testing, how to cooperation with others to ship the software, how to make presentations in front of VP or 200 people, how to take one-on-one meetings and so on. I was treated just as a full time employee and given the same tasks. This will give you both pressure and power to move forward. That is a difficult time but also an exciting period. I could find new challenges each day and fought against them. With a great review from my manager, I got the real full time one month after I finished the internship.

Now, I graduate, with proud and honor. I believe there will be more students going through the same way as I did and finding their own bright future. Good luck and look forward to seeing some of you here!