【Turing Seminar Term No. Fivteen】Natural Man-Machine Interaction


Abstract: Human-machine interaction refers to technology for information exchange between man and computer. It resolves problem of computer user access. It is a major part of the computer system and is an interdisciplinary research field. Natural man-machine interaction converts the relationship between man and machine from man-to-machine to machine-to-machine and would thus drastically bring down learning and using costs of users. Thanks to diversity in scenarios, sensors and terminal forms, natural interaction has become a competitive field brimmed with challenges and innovation opportunities. Professor Shi Yuanchun will give a lecture on how to innovate from key problems of natural man-machine interface, user interface reconstruction, and integration of interactive scenes.

Shi Yuanchun, ‘Changjiang Scholar’ Specially-appointed Professor in the Department of Computer Science. She has run more than 100 papers in top-notched academic conference and journal papers in the field of human-computer interaction, pervasive computing, multimedia and so on, and her research attainments have been in wide use. She won second prize for National Science and Technology Progress Award twice. Shi Yuanchun got her PhD, Master and Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Technology Engineering from Tsinghua University. She has been employed in the Department of Computer Science of Tsinghua University since 1993. He is Director of the Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction Center of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Tsinghua University, director of the Key Laboratory of Pervasive Computing of the Ministry of Education and director of the CCF Human-Computer Interaction Committee.