The Turing Class is an elite experimental class for outstanding talents in the foundational discipline of computer science. It relies on the talent development base and educational reform experimental platform of the Chu Kochen Honors College, and utilizes the strong teaching and research capabilities of the School of Computer Science and Technology. With the characteristic training mode of four complete and one specialized centered on comprehensive basic strengthening, comprehensive scientific research training, whole-process mentorship, global resource introduction, and specialized subject cultivation, it implements a talent development plan for outstanding computer professionals, cultivating high-quality undergraduates with a solid foundation, high literacy, deep research, and broad vision. The chief professors of the Turing Class include winners of the Nobel Prize in Computer Science- the Turing Award, such as Professor Whitfield Diffie, Academician Wu Zhaohui, Academician Chen Chun, Academician Pan Yunhe, and Academician Shen Xiangyang. The mentor group is composed of national high-level talents and other individuals. Students can independently confirm their major in the three undergraduate programs of Computer Science and Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Information Security, and are encouraged to continue their studies at world-class universities after graduation, with the goal of becoming first-class leaders and strategic scientists in the field of computer science.