【Turing Seminar Term No. Ten】Construction and Visualized Demonstration of Big Data Cyberspace Complex Network


Report time: 6:30 p.m.,  November 4, 2020

Report site: Zhejiang University, Zijingang Campus West 1-106

Report Topic: Construction and Visualized Demonstration of Big Data Cyberspace Complex Network

Reported by: Chen Xiaojiao

About the Content: By focusing on visualization of big data information, observing the inference flow of information visualized analysis and through theoretical analysis and practical case computing in combination, it conducts study on visualized demonstration of big data cyberspace complex network from three dimensions namely statistic analysis,visualized demonstration and interactive cognition analysis of data.

About the Lecturer: Chen Xiaojiao, Ph.D. in Engineering, and researcher of A Hundred Talents Program in Zhejiang University. For man-machine interaction and information visualization, an overlapping realm of designing and technology, he has been initiating research on design methods of big data man-machine interaction and information visualization through theoretical system learning of design, complex networks, ergonomics, cognitive science, information science and other sub-disciplines. By applying psychological cognitive evaluation method of users’ cognitive behavior and physiological characteristics in quantitative evaluation of design, he has been evaluating feasibility of design, operation efficiency, cognitive load and other physiological behavior data in an attempt to probe into development of design disciplines in crossing sector of science and art. During his working period in the media laboratory of MIT in the United States, he mainly conducted research on visual representation form of complex networks in visual representation of big data, developed complex network visualization platform and performed evaluation on visual representation performance of complex networks from the perspective of users’ cognitive behavior and physiological characteristics.