【Turing Seminar Term No. Nineteen】Reinforcement Learning


 Report time: January 25, 2022 14:00

 Dingding group live

Report Title: Reinforcement Learning

Reported by:: Yu Yang (Professor, Nanjing University)

Abstract: One of the most prominent machine learning subfields today is reinforcement learning. Beginning with the distinctions between reinforcement learning and supervised learning, this presentation will outline the fundamental ideas and methodological foundations of reinforcement learning. It will then go on to discuss some examples of reinforcement learning in practice using recommendation systems.

Introduction: Professor Yang Yu teaches at Nanjing University’s School of Artificial Intelligence. Awarded the CCF-IEEE Young Scientist Award, the first Asia Pacific Data Mining oung Achievement Award,” and invited to present a “Young Career Spotlight” at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence IJCAI'18, he has been chosen as one of the young talents in the National 10,000 People's Plan and AI's 10 to Watch. At IJCAI'18, he was asked to present a “Early Career Spotlight.” His research has won three international algorithm contests and four international paper prizes.