Zeqing Yuan from Turing Class Wins the Top Honor at Zhejiang University, Chu Kochen Scholarship


Zeqing Yuan, undergraduate from Turing Class, was recognized Zhejiang University Chu Kochen Scholarship in the newly unveiled list.


The Chu Kochen Scholarship is the highest scholarship at Zhejiang University and was established in memory of the former president Chu Kochen. Each year, the university committee selects only 12 undergraduate students from a pool of over 24,000 for this top honor. The recipients will be awarded certificates and medals by the university's president in person. Their deeds will be publicized and their names included in the university chronical.


Zeqing Yuan, currently studying at Turing Class, has received the National Scholarship (Top 0.2% awarded) by Ministry of Education of China for three consecutive times, as well as over 40 additional scholarships and honorary titles for his outstanding academic achievement.


Zeqing Yuan has been a research intern at the State Key Lab of CAD&CG and Stanford AI Lab. In Turing Class, He has been advised by Prof. Yingcai Wu and Prof. Junbo Zhao. Besides he was also selected by CKC Honors College to join Prof. Chunhua Shen’s academic group. Zeqing Yuan has published one paper in IEEE TVCG. He has also submitted a co-first-authored paper to a top AI conference. Additionally, he submitted one patent as the first student author. Zeqing Yuan led a national innovation project and was selected to participate in the National College Student Innovation Conference.

Besides academic research, Zeqing Yuan is also an excellent athlete entitled National First-Class Athlete by General Administration of Sport of China. He clinched the championship title in the men's singles category at the Zhejiang Provincial Badminton Championships and secured the runner-up position in men's doubles at the Provincial Games. In recognition of his exceptional sports prowess, he has consistently held the title of Outstanding Athlete at the provincial level. He was also honored with the Zhejiang University's inaugural  Exceptional Athlete Award.


He has also been recognized by Outstanding Student Leader Award by ZJU for two consecutive years, leading his class to earn the highest university honor. Furthermore, his consistent engagement in volunteer services has earned him the Zhejiang University Five-Star Volunteer distinction.

Congratulations to Zeqing Yuan, and we hope that all Turing Class students will take him as a role model, aim high and pursue excellence! At the same time, we extend our heartfelt thanks to the teachers who have built a platform and invested their efforts in the growth and development of these students. Zhejiang University Turing Class will continue its efforts to cultivate forward-thinking and well-rounded students to become future leading scientists in computer science!