Chengrui Fang and Xinjie Sun from the Turing Class of Zhejiang University developed an AI-powered game of 'Who is the Spy' and won the Alibaba, Cloud YunXi Conference 2023 Hackathon the Best Zero to One Award


In the era of large language models, how can entrepreneurs innovate, start businesses, and create? During the 2023 Yunqi Conference, a hundred young entrepreneurs gathered, and in an 'AI Hackathon,' they presented their answers.

Create@AI Hackathon, initiated by Alibaba Cloud, aims to encourage start-up teams to innovate, start businesses, and create in the AI era. This Create@AI Hackathon was hosted by Alibaba Cloud, co-organized by Innovation Works, 01 Thing, and 36Kr. This year, the competition attracted over a hundred start-up teams globally, with 18 teams eventually standing out to participate in the finals. 

40% of the finalists held PhDs, and over 50% of the teams had backgrounds in overseas studies and work, bringing together professionals from institutions like the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, and Peking University, with rich experiences in leading technology and internet companies. The final challenge was to develop an AI innovative application within 48 hours using the Alibaba Cloud AI Toolkit. 

On-site, the competing teams combined their professional backgrounds and entrepreneurial inspirations to create AI Agents in fields like education, gaming, healthcare, information and knowledge acquisition, content creation, chip development, and marketing and sales. Among them, 

The core members of Prompts Lab are from the Turing Class of Zhejiang University, with Chengrui Fang and Xinjie Sun, from the 20th class, being the key members of the team. This team consists of a serial entrepreneur Chengrui Fang, authors and contributors of multiple LLM open-source frameworks. They are also hackathon enthusiasts, having participated in dozens of large-scale hackathon events, and have organized hackathons as well. 

In this competition, the Prompts Lab team developed an AI-powered game of 'Who is the Spy' from scratch, using the General Questions large language model and the Stable Diffusion framework. Utilizing multimodal AI technology, users can customize game words with 'tailored topic,' and support inputs like images, PDF files, and other external resources. This effectively resolves issues like leaking questions and outdated question banks that have plagued past 'Who is the Spy' games, making the game words more relevant to players, hence more fun and show-like.